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Sports Medicine Specialist

Pro Sports and Elite Rehab

Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeons & Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation located in Vero Beach, FL

Sports injuries are injuries that frequently occur during athletic activities, but can occur at home, on the job, or anywhere else. These injuries include sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations. The team at Pro Sports and Elite Rehab has extensive experience in sports medicine. Whether surgical or non-surgical intervention is necessary, the team at Pro Sports and Elite Rehab in Vero Beach, Florida, can provide the appropriate treatment plan. Call the office or book online to learn more.

Sports Medicine Q & A

What does sports medicine treat?

Sports medicine is a special area that focuses on the treatment of injuries and conditions which are a direct result of participation in sports. These types of injuries can result from accidents, improper training, or little to no stretching or warm-up exercises.

What are some common sports injuries?

The most common sports injuries usually involve sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations. Some other common injuries in sports involve:

Foot and ankle injuries

These are injuries in the leg that are reserved below the knee and include sprains and strains, ankle fractures, and Achilles tendonitis.

Shoulder Injuries

Rotator cuff injuries are common in sports. Severe pain in the shoulders is caused by overuse or injury.

Hip Injuries

The hip joint is a ball and socket joint that bears a lot of the body's weight on it. Because of this, it is more susceptible to injury.

Knee Injuries

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and meniscus tears are the most common injuries in sports.

What are the most common treatments for injuries?

One of the first methods of treatment recommended for an injury is the RICE method. This means:

  • Rest to avoid aggravating the injury and discontinuing the activities that may cause injury.
  • Ice applied to the injured area to diminish swelling and pain.
  • Compression of the injured area with elastic wraps and splints can help to reduce swelling.
  • Elevating the injured area above heart level will reduce swelling and pain.


The team at Pro Sports and Elite Rehab has knowledge and experience in treating many different sports injuries and conditions. Fractures, tears, dislocations, and blunt force trauma injuries should be treated immediately. Treatment for this may include the use of orthotics, braces, physical therapy, or medicinal injections. 

If the more conservative treatments show no improvement, surgery to repair torn muscles and ligaments may be required. Contact the office today by phone or online booking to discuss your specific needs and discover how Pro Sports and Elite Rehab can help get you back on your feet and into your prime athletic ability.