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Love to run? Here are some tips on how to avoid common knee, foot, and ankle injuries.

Going for a run is a great way to stay fit and clear your mind, but as a high-impact workout, it also carries the risk of injury. More than many other athletes, runners are susceptible to injuries affecting the knees, feet, and ankles, especially when jogging on rough terrain.

· Wear the right shoes

· Be sure to warm up and cool down

· Gradually increase the distance and pace of your runs

· Build up muscle strengths

· Know when to rest

If you injure yourself while running, it’s important to visit an orthopedic specialist as soon as possible. Symptoms can often be managed with anti-inflammatory medication, icing, and corticosteroid injections. It is also recommended that you rest and take a break from running until your pain and swelling subside

Many running injuries can be treated with physical therapy, or in more serious cases, surgery. If surgery is required, you can expect to gradually build up strength during your recovery period before returning to your regular activities.

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