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Osteoporosis: The Silent Thief

Osteoporosis Tips In Vero Beach, Florida

Bone fragility is a progressive disease that has real consequences. Approximately 50% of women and 20% of men have fragility fractures. That may seem like a normal event with a fall or injury. Unfortunately, if you're over 50, this puts you at increased risk of recurrent fracture. Recent studies show that the risk of having another fracture is five times higher the first year after a broken bone. These injuries can have a significant impact on one’s quality of life and independence. Bone fragility can be treated successfully and can reduce your chance of having another fracture by 50%. Don’t let this disease take you out of the game. If you have had a fracture after 50, or have a parent with a fragility fracture, you should schedule an appointment with our osteoporosis specialist. Pro Sports and Elite Rehab is located at 1355 37th Street in Vero Beach, Florida. We have been committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive care to our family of patients for over 25 years. Let us evaluate your risk and customize a plan to prevent this disease from impacting your life.

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Osteoporosis What you need to know Osteoporosis is defined as a silent skeletal disorder characterized by loss of bone integrity leading to increased risk of fracture.