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Understanding the Endocannabinoid System

Medical Marijuana in Vero Beach

Most folks are unaware that us mammals (humans and other animals) have what is called the endocannabinoid system. We have receptors throughout the body that cannabinoids can attach to and which affects our bodies’ physiology. Most people have heard of the endogenous opioid system which allows our internally manufactured opioids like endorphins and enkephalins to bind to opioid receptors to relieve pain. Everyone has different internal opioid producing capabilities which may determine our thresholds for pain.

Similarly, we can make our own chemicals similar to cannabinoids found in marijuana plants, that help regulate many homeostatic functions including pain modulation, inflammation, and immunity. The body is full of cannabinoid receptors in the brain, nervous system, organs, and the periphery. The ECS regulates a variety of biological processes such as relaxation, eating, sleep, and cognition. There are reported neuroprotective benefits from cannabis as well, thus the popularity of marijuana among football players and traumatic brain injury.

Medical Marijuana is now legal in 34 states including Florida with close to 200,000 certified patients. Florida’s program offers a variety of strengths and a variety of products including flower/buds, capsules, tinctures, topical creams, vape products, and others. Edible products are in development and should be available in the near future.

Elite Rehab is pleased to offer medical cannabis certifications to patients with a qualifying diagnosis. The program is facilitated by Dr. Scott Treatman who is a qualified medical marijuana provider in both Florida and New York. For more information on Elite Rehab’s medical marijuana program, click on Dr. Treatman’s website link:

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